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Wet2much aka Jenna Haze

wet2much AKA Jenna Haze is a young shy Milf with a banging body and pretty much down for ANYTHING. She works on Chaturbate pretty much daily. Her link for this is https://chaturbate.com/wet2much/ you can find her here usually from midday to 15:00 UK time. She is also making her debut on only fans v soon. Also will have my own website where I sell used underwear etc. Active on all things worn and Reddit and my own website shortly


Stats & interests

  • Hair: Brown/Blond (at the moment)
  • Height: 5.7
  • Weight: (mind your own business)
  • Favourite position: Cowgirl
  • Favourite body parts: Ass and legs (my legs look amazing in stockings)
  • Cosplay: Don’t do it much but I am up for it
  • Anal: love it
  • DP: Love Love It
  • Watersports: Yea I am up for that
  • Swallow: Rude not to
  • Toys: Too many to count
  • Favourite sexual hobby: Public flashing for sure I love the look on their face
  • Ever been gangbanged: I have had 3some but I want more but boys always chicken out
  • Older or younger men: Older for sure if I can find a sugar daddy with stamina put a ring on me
  • Best place you have had sex: Private Jet
  • Adult parties: I am down as long as they aren’t creeps
  • Blindfold: Of course
  • Cuckolding: Yup I would love to help a couple and would do it with a partner
  • Cybersex: Yea I love a bit of sexting
  • Dogging: Fuck yes
  • Fisting: Yea with somebody who knows what they are doing
  • Group sex: Is that not just an orgy and gangbang so yea
  • Making Videos: Of Course
  • Oral: Hard to swallow without putting it in your mouth
  • Phone sex: Of course
  • Rimming: Yes but only clean people
  • Role play: Yea is the timing right or it’s just cringy I am all up for role play dirty talk anytime
  • Safe Sex: Standard Procedure
  • Swinger Clubs: Would love to but when checking the Instagram of some the people are cringy and creepy it puts me off
  • Taking Photos: of course
  • Voyeurism: would love somebody to watch me from afar
  • Webcams: All the time