Met the partner i needed in my life

I understand my needs are a little out there and I give up hope thinking I would ever find a like-minded soul. Until I joined and Stephen come into my life. It was hard to open up at first at what I desired and I could see him trying to broach the subject of swinging every now and again. We would be sat there watching the Louis Theroux documentary on polyamorous relationships and would be asking questions as if it was out of sheer curiosity. 

Then one night we were drunk and got talking about fantasies we both ended up down a rabbit hole of asking each other questions and trying to push the boundaries and the subject of inviting other people into the bedroom come up. Inside I was screaming yes at last and just calmly said yea I’m up for stuff like that but with certain circumstances. So we both set out boundaries re-joined this site and found a few new partners to come and join us and to be honest it has been amazing.

The system here is so easy to vet people from the legit to the creepy and it has served us well and will continue to do so.